👶Token Distribution

BABY TETHER's token distribution strategy is designed to maximize liquidity provision, incentivize early supporters, and foster community engagement. The initial token distribution is as follows:

  • 50% allocated to liquidity provision to ensure ample liquidity for trading and stability.

  • 20% reserved for a private presale to attract strategic investors and early backers.

  • 20% allocated to a staking pool, rewarding holders for their participation and commitment.

  • 10% reserved for supporters to incentivize community involvement and facilitate ecosystem growth.

Lockup Period: To promote stability and discourage speculative behavior, BABY TETHER tokens are subject to a three-month lockup period. During this period, tokens allocated to the liquidity pool, private presale, staking pool, and supporters are locked, ensuring a gradual release of tokens into circulation and minimizing potential market manipulation.


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